How Do I Write An Interesting Blog?

Strike Up a Conversation: Blogging is all about striking up a conversation. When learning how to blog the most important thing you will learn is not to bore people. If you are a copy and paste blogger then you have probably realized you aren’t getting much of a following. Write about what interests you. It Read more about How Do I Write An Interesting Blog?[…]

Google Ranking – What Matters?

Broad Algorithmic Elements to Ranking on Google – 2009 24%= Trust of the Host Domain; otherwise known as Domain Authority 22%= Link Popularity of the Page; how many links are going to the specific page 20%= Anchor Text of the External Links; the keywords you are using to link to your site 15%= Keyword Usage; Read more about Google Ranking – What Matters?[…]

5 Steps To Starting an Effective Real Estate Blog

Blogging will help you build your real estate business when done right and most other businesses for that matter. These 5 Tips will help the entry level blogger to the expert blogger learn how to blog with purpose.  This post is for beginning and advanced bloggers.  If you are a beginner, however, please follow the Read more about 5 Steps To Starting an Effective Real Estate Blog[…]