5 SEO Myths To Beware Of

Myth #1 – Submit To Search Engines To Be Seen

Submitting your site to search engines is useless (since 2001). You may get offers from various companies to submit your site to hundreds of search engines for a one time low fee. If it doesn’t matter anymore why do it though? Hmmmm, the crawler will find you! Getting links from other sites will naturally alert the search engines that you are there. If an SEO company offers to submit your site to search engines run!

Myth #2 – Meta Tags, Meta Tags, Meta Tags

SEO is not all about meta tags! Title tags are important, but beware of stuffing your title tags with keywords. The robots that crawl your site are very smart. They know what you are up to. Helping them is different than trying to fool them. Content is key.

Myth #3 – Keyword Density Is Important

Keywords on the page is as important or vital as you may think or as some SEO’s may claim it is. The search engine values intelligent content. Use your keywords wisely. The phrase does not need to be said over and over again.

Myth #4 – Get Reciporcal Links

Try to stay away from reciprocal links. There are many directories that charge money unless you pay them for the submission. They do this because they know there is little to no SEO value to you if you have to link to them in return for a link. They may bury you deep within the directory for a free link. There is a reason for this madness. Get quality links from relevant directories not from directories just looking to build their own link juice.

Myth #5 – Your PPC Will Boost Your Natural Rankings

PPC and organic search are two very different methods. There are also 2 very different algorithms involved. PPC ranks take place after a query is made and an auction takes place. SEO has nothing to do with an auction!

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