A Realtor By Any Other Name Would Smell As Sweet

Why is it that Realtors add so many different titles to there email signatures and social media?

I can think of at least 10 different titles used by Realtors (besides Realtor) in their linked in profile or email signature:

  1. Property Consultant
  2. Real Estate Consultant
  3. Real Estate Expert
  4. Commercial Real Estate Consultant
  5. Real Estate Marketer
  6. Home Buyer Agent
  7. The King Of HUD
  8. Real Estate Adviser
  9. Short Sale Expert
  10. Foreclosure Consultant
  11. Your Friend In Real Estate
  12. Trusted Advisor

I suppose that it is true “a rose by any other name would smell as sweet” as Shakespeare so eloquently put it, BUT you may get yourself in a heap of legal trouble if a home buyer or seller is ever misled by your “title”

Wouldn’t it be easier to just call yourself what you are? After-all, NAR has worked so hard to coin the term and bring value to it. If you have to be fancy why not just put the city that you work next to Realtor.  Try it … “Realtor, Phoenix” ….  Now that wasn’t so bad was it? Now everyone will know you are a licensed Realtor who abides by the code of ethics and you work the Phoenix area.

I dunno though I’m just a Web Designer 😉

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