How Do I Customize WordPress Permalinks?

Permalinks is not something that you should wait to figure out. When you set up your WordPress site set up your permalinks immediately. This will save you a lot of time and heartache in the future. If you do not set up your permalinks the way you want them immediately then there will be negative consequences later. First, blog posts that your viewers bookmark will not be found if you change your permalinks later. Second, any links to your site will not work when you do change your permalinks later.

How to change your permalinks, so that your blog post titles appear in the URL following the site name and eliminate day, month, category etc from also being in the URL.

1. login as admin
2. go to “settings”
3. go to “permalinks”
4. choose the custom structure and enter “/%postname%/” (without the quotation marks)

Using this structure you will eliminate the category title from being in the URL as well.

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