How Do I Write An Interesting Blog?

Strike Up a Conversation:

Blogging is all about striking up a conversation. When learning how to blog the most important thing you will learn is not to bore people. If you are a copy and paste blogger then you have probably realized you aren’t getting much of a following. Write about what interests you. It likely interests others.

Add to Your Blog Religiously:

You should be adding articles to your blog religiously. If you don’t you will lose subscriber/reader interest and credibility. My suggestion is at least once per week. Find ways to tell your database about new posts. Did I mention that I want you to subscribe to this blog, so that you can receive weekly Internet Marketing tips like this from me? Click the subscribe button at the top right.

Don’t Blog about topics that you are not passionate about:

If you don’t enjoy writing then DON’T start a blog. If you have a hobby that you enjoy and would like to write about that more than real estate then do that. There’s nothing wrong with writing about racquetball, dancing or traveling. Blogging about any topic should earn you a following.

If you liked this post than subscribe to my blog, because it will be all about Internet marketing in the future. I look forward to networking with all of you and thanks for reading. Happy Blogging!

1 thought on “How Do I Write An Interesting Blog?

  • Hi Evette,
    I want to know more about setting up a website, and starting a blog. I have starting jogging, and have starting dieting (doctors orders). Talk with you more about my ideas later.

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