10 Steps to Twitter Your Way to the Top

Learning how to Twitter is not for everyone. With all the social networking sites available to Realtors today it can be difficult to figure out which ones are most effective in building a database. Anyone that is a little technically challenged can figure out how to set up a twitter account and start tweeting. Not everyone understands the purpose tweeting though and more people lose a following than build a following on Twitter.

Are you on Twitter yet? If you answered no then you are missing out on one of the best opportunities available to stay in front of your friends. How often have you had a friend tell you that they just bought a house or invite you to their house warming party? It can be heartbreaking when this happens. You say “congratulations,” but you’re really thinking “why didn’t you tell me you were searching for a home?” Maybe the Realtor they did use actually interacts with them and you haven’t in months. Did you ever think of that? Maybe they thought since you were too busy to find out what was going on in their day to day life you couldn’t possibly have the time to help them find a home. Food for thought, right?

One of the easiest ways to stay in front of your friends is to learn how to Twitter effectively. I don’t mean tweet about yourself, however. I mean tweet to follow what your friends are doing. No one wants to get 10 tweets a week asking if they know anyone looking to buy or sell a home. People like people who are interested in them. You have to be genuinely interested, however. If you aren’t then you will get sick of this type of interaction very quickly.

How to Twitter Your Way to the Top:

1. Find a few (2-3) friends (click “find people”) that you want to keep in constant contact with
2. Click the “follow…” icon to add the person
3. After a week or two of tweeting with these people add a few more (3-4)
4. Do this weekly until you have a good following of people that you interact with on a regular basis
5. After you have been tweeting with these people for a couple of months mention your business, but do not advertise a listing or a service. You can strike up a conversation by asking your friends how their work is going.
6. If someone is having problems at work be empathetic
7. Show interest in your followers jobs
8. By now your followers should be asking about your job. Be enthusiastic about real estate!
9. Offer tidbits of local real estate information – nothing general because they can get that anywhere. Show off your expertise.
10.When you hear about new financing or government programs mention them, but only after you know what they are, because someone may just tweet a question to you. You need to be able to provide an immediate answer!

This should put you in constant contact with your friends, so that they know you are not to busy to help them out. This is better than a newsletter, a postcard or an annual calendar. It is being in their face telling them I care about you! I am your friend! I listen when you have something to say. Now after all this – why would they ever cheat on you with another agent again.

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