Search Engine, What’s That?

Major search engines include; Google, Yahoo, Bing and Alta Vista. Search engines are more than the place you turn to for information or nearby restaurants. Search engines compete to provide you with the best and most relevant content. They gather data, store data, stave off spammers from manipulating data and so much more.

Search engine robots crawl the World Wide Web to find pages that can be recalled when Internet users need it. Billions of pages, ready to be recalled, are stored in datacenters. Datacenters allow the searcher to get instantaneous results. Search engines do two things to deliver search results when called upon. First they return relevant results. Second, they rank the results in order of importance to the search query. Relevance of a page is based on much much more than keywords being present. Don’t get me wrong keywords still matter, but not to the extent that they did in the past.

Today, the major search engines view popularity as importance. In other words the value of the information is greater if the site or page is popular. Mathematical equations, called algorithms, determine relevance and importance for the search engine. Directories and Search Engines should not be confused. Directories use humans not algorithms to determine a sites value. Search engines index Web pages, so that they can be recalled for users when a query is made.

If you want your site to show up on a search engine then you should submit your site to it and follow the rules of the particular one. This does not mean that you will rank it just means that you can be found at the search engine. Although this post may not be interesting to everyone it is my belief that you must understand the basics to do something right and get results. After all, you don’t necessarily use the stuff you learned in real estate school do you? I’m sure most will agree that this doesn’t make it any less important to the job.

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