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The Twitter Guide for Realtors is designed to help you tweet your way to the top and can be applied to any business model. When you learned how to Twitter you may have thought to yourself “this is a great way to promote my listings.” Please lose this mentality now. Tweeting is for keeping in touch with people, learning more about them and expressing an interest in different things. Social networking in general should be used this way.

Being in real estate requires that you be in contact with a large database of friends, family, neighbors, subdivisions etc. There has to be a way to separate your “A” prospects from your “B” and “C” prospects. For those of you who don’t know, “A” prospects are those people that send you referrals, are ready to buy or sell a home in the next couple of months or have just contacted you for real estate information. “B” and “C” prospects are those who refer their friends and family to you once a year or less or that have been in your database for a period of time with no buying or selling activity. You want to keep in contact with A prospects daily or weekly, B prospects monthly and C prospects quarterly to annually.

Twitter can help you keep in contact with your “A” list. On Twitter yet? If you answered no then you are missing out on one of the cheapest and easiest ways to stay in touch with your friends. How often have you had a friend tell you that they just bought a house or invite you to their house warming party? It can be heartbreaking when this happens. You say “congratulations,” but you’re really thinking “why didn’t you tell me you were searching for a home?” I don’t think our friends intentionally leave us out of the equation. People that never hear from you may think you are too busy to help them. You have to stay in front of people if you want them to refer their friends to you. Twitter is a mixture of microblogging and social networking.

How To Twitter:

1. Converse with your followers – Talk to your friends
2. Tweet with people that interest you – Learn from others on Twitter
3. Ask your followers about their interests – Use this information for blog posts ideas
4. Learn to microblog – Twitter posts are 140 characters or less


1. Go to
2. Click on the “Sign Up” button
3. Fill out the “Join the Conversation” information and then click the “Create My Account” button
4. Click “find people” to find friends that you want to keep in constant contact with
5. Click the “follow…” icon to add the person

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  • Great information… as a real estate professional it is difficult to get a handle on how to use all the various social networks and I often wonder if they are even worth the effort. Using Twitter to focus on my A prospects will definitely free up some time for and alleviate some frustration for me! Thanks!

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