What is RSS?

Really Simple Syndication or RSS is a way for websites to share their current news or headlines via a frequently updated xml file. You can think of the RSS feed as a dynamic bookmark because once you are subscribed to the feed, you basically have bookmarked the web site that will display the dynamic links with the best content from the feed provider. So did I lose you? My thoughts exactly. All to often I find a blog or a website that I enjoy reading, but when I hit the RSS or subscribe button (there the same thing by the way) I get taken to a page with a line of code or writing that I do not understand. Why is this? It’s simple, the RSS has not been set up correctly. A button was created for it, but a button is useless if it does not have a command attached to it. If you have a blog it is essential to your search engine optimization efforts that you create a Really Simple Syndication feed (RSS). I use FeedBurner, but there are other services available.

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